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byTyisbuddha, December 20, 2012
These guys have amazing components (BreezyForms and Content Builder). The learning curve might be steep for novices but the functionality is the best I've seen for a form generator yet. And their support is always very prompt and respectful. I would highly recommend using their products and services. They have saved me countless hours.
byTyisbuddha, May 13, 2012
I was getting pretty frustrated, until I found this gem.
Works great as finishing touch, since I needed to build a new jomsocial toolbar.
byTyisbuddha, March 25, 2012
JomFacebookChat +Plus
Smooth install, smooth configuration.
Worked Out of the Box.
Integrates nicely with Jomsocial

1 suggestion would be tho to give back end more control over color of actual component as visible on front end, instead of requiring modification of the source to do so.
BreezingForms (Lite)
This is absolutely epic, hats off to the devs, for not only coming out with Content Builder, but giving it away for free, and now fixing the integration compatibility constraint of the free version of Breezy Forms for it.
Truly shows the spirit of the developers, way to continue to help your fellow man.
If you guys can spare the money, spring for the full version of Breezy Forms, keep the devs belly full.
I plan on buying the full version, for the second time actually, just to show my appreciation. (originally bought BF awhile back, prior to release of these)
byTyisbuddha, November 20, 2011
This component is great, there are a few limitations as far as it backwards Breezyforms compatibly but aside from that, I say give this is shot since you can create forms and post that data "automagically" into Articles via wysiwyg template, that you defined in back end.

Wish list would have to be more documentation.
byTyisbuddha, November 20, 2011
Advanced Search for ContentBuilder
After you Get it, its Epic.

1.) This is working out great for creating a ticket system, seems great for grids.
2.) Very clever implementation of Check Box in back-end wysiwyg when configuration of Output's, + giving the ability to Articlize the content gathered via forms, which can be created without BreezyForms, ie just this freebie.

1.) This component is compatible with BreezyForms, later Versions that is to say.(other Crosstec Com), Just check your versions if your planning on using this in conjunction with BreezyForms, because they aren't 100% backwards inter-compatible.
2.) Needs More Documentation, would make these components ALOT more attractive, integration's specifically, Community Builder, Virtue Mart, Ect.

I am still giving this a 5/5 since it is so great :), would have been nice to have this out at the time though when I got Breezy :(

Final Note:
I did notice my 1.5 install seems to have issues with the WYSIWYG, possibly due to Editor I use, but it wouldn't render in the frame, I could "see it" when looking at the HTML though.
byTyisbuddha, October 27, 2011
AJAX Dock Cart for VirtueMart
So I spent the 18 dollars for this ext, which is a 6/5 stars deal in my opinion.
I did encounter a slight conflict issue with my AJAX driven chat module/component I have on my site, which I did kind of predict would happen, upon letting the support guys know via support form. I got a response less the 2 hours later, and after I provided the necessary access to my directory, it was resolved (less the 24 hours for total resolution).
Hopefully this review helps people realized that this is well worth the money. (already have a lot of positive feedback from my users saying it looks "AWESOME".
byTyisbuddha, October 10, 2011
Magic Window
This should be built in the Core Joomla, this is seriously epic, mix this with CB profile pro also by Joomduck and you will have ultimate control over profile presentation, with this + giving your end users the ability to create their own profile types.

Simply put this Magic Window lives up to the name.
byTyisbuddha, September 28, 2011
Profile Pro for Community Builder
This does exactly what I expected, ... gives me the drop down / radio field to have end user select profile type .... which the types are the ones I built via the back end.... Didn't even realize this also allows end users to create their own profile type if you enable that in the parameters/configuration of the component and build a menu item link.
This has given me the much needed control over how my cb profiles are presented.
byTyisbuddha, August 2, 2011
CB VMVendor Suite
This is a great ext, I meant to review this awhile back but I forgot. I installed this to my site and was having difficulty using it in conjunction with AUP, (on the AUP side), Nordmograph was very prompt in replying to my support requests, and even updated the extension in its next version to not require a file to be uploaded.
The only negative I can think of, it leaves me wanting more asset types to be facilitated. ie, I would love to see a later version of this also allow and track users who wish to sell tangible assets to others. And allow them them to define quantity value (stock), as well as an option for pick up only, ship only, or both.
But overall this is an amazing step forward in the right direction for vendors being able to sell anything and everything via their profile, in what ever site installs this.
byTyisbuddha, June 3, 2011
Virtuemart Breezing Form
This is a great plugin, I just wish you could also direct to a specific form (during check out), based off of VM Vendor ID.

IF you had that, this would be epic.

But, looking great so far, keep up the good work, this is a huge step towards creating a more customizable check out process, for Virtuemart, based on product specific needs (data collections).

Also, would be nice to allow more then 3. :)
byTyisbuddha, April 7, 2011
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This extension is truely amazing, makes me look like a coding genius. Thanks for all the work you put into this Peter, this has saved me hours of time.

Little side note, works like a charm to launch external java pop up player, for's video's.
(WOOO HOO, no more opening a new tab upon clicking video thumbnail from the widget)
byTyisbuddha, February 22, 2011
Community Builder
Hey, I'd like to say, even though my review is 3/5. CB is still the best open source social networking com available.

My review is 3/5 because of the following:

I've been using the previous versions with little to no issues what so ever. KUDO's.

But upon doing a fresh 1.6 Joomla install to a subdomain, and then a CB 1.4 install, I've encountered some odd sessioning issues, and been unable to login via the CB login module what so ever. Thus forcing me to have my users use the default joomla login form to get logged in to the site at all. The error said I needed to enable cookies in my browser (already enabled) or reload the page, which had 0 effect towards fixing the expired session.

It seemed fine until I decided I wanted to update my profile image, then the session handling broke, and the work flow failed to work as expected.

Also the Workflow module doesn't seem to work either. Its visible and configured correctly, just doesn't seem to populate any moderation links in the module as it should when pending images are yet to be approved. I've done this plenty of times on older versions on other sites i admin, with 0 issues.

So I'm not really comfortable suggesting people upgrade to 1.4 if running 1.6.

IMO stay away from J1.6 and CB 1.4 until you have your sandbox domain heavily tested with these new versions. Because nothing is worse then bringing down a live site to fix issues that were caused during a upgrade/update.

Hopefully this isn't some obscure process or configuration of J1.6 or CB1.4 that I'm overlooking, because my foot wouldn't taste good.
byTyisbuddha, February 12, 2011
Well I tried this free version out JoomSEF, and after installation and enabling my Global Configuration setting SEF, it seemed to work at first.... I clicked my "Guides" link.... and the URL was looking as i had hoped /guides
However, upon clicking around the site a bit more and being logged in on the front end, I encounter more errors of Page content not rendering at all other then a default 404 or a redirecting loop of sorts. I would love to get my site to have user friendly URL's but apparently I'm either missing something critical when it comes to my configuration or I'm just using to many ext's that aren't compatible with this component.
I'll be testing this out more trying to get to the bottom of it but I'm not holding my breath since all the other SEF components tend to have similar issues like this. :(
byTyisbuddha, August 7, 2010
Way to empower the people and keep it open source, YOU ARE MY HERO :)

This has major applications towards creating localized decentralized yet interconnected customizable economic systems.

I use this in conjunction with some other great com's, mod's, & plug's geared towards this
byTyisbuddha, May 2, 2010
Great ext. easily worth the small price. Great support too. Even helped me with my CB issues, above and beyond. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. this is when a 6th star is needed.