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byTzirtzi, July 25, 2012
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I am using Falang in developing the new version of my website and so far I am very positively impressed.I am old school guy in software industry and quite familiar with webdevelopment design and principles but I am new user with joomla.

Before start commenting on the software itself, i have to say that support (Stephane) is exellent. It has been proved so far very fast and effective in fixing any issue arise, and I have to say i feel safe to have this kind of backup when it comes on using any software in my platform.

I have to say that translation work is a breeze (done very easy), it is well organised, even for people like me that have no experience with Joomfish (after all falang is a fork of Joomfish for 2.5, thus very similar) the interface is very easy to learn and use. Above all, when adding a big number of languages the translation work stays well organised, without unecessary repetitions and chaos in module menus (as done with the Joomla 2.5 build in function)

For all you guys that have been around the corner long enough to have worked with joomfish, you need to know the work is done exactly the same way.

One difference with joomfish is the sef translation is not available (I am not sure if this is needed anymore for SEO purposes, at least for Google, but maybe usefull if you upgrade from erlier version of Joomla/Joomfish).

Second difference is you dont have front end ability for translations, however this feature is very specialised need.

Anyway with Joomla 3,0 around the corner you anyway need a plugin that can follow the developments. I am very happy this functionality exists - keep on doing good job guys!