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byUOGAddict, October 20, 2010
This does exactly what I needed. I wanted to replace phoca download with something that my users could use with less hassle.

This works great for this. Easy to use and manage.

I ran into a problem and emailed the developer. He quickly jumped in and found the problem (an error on my part) and got things fixed. Fastest support I have seen so far.
byUOGAddict, February 26, 2010
Once the extension is setup it works very well. It is flexible and is great for showing and collecting your testimonials.

Setting up the extension is somewhat more complicated than most.

Instead of just radio buttons to choose which options you want on or off, you have to edit the option and type true or false. This is not hard but is just a hassle.

One thing that stands out is that the images that are used to wrap quotes around each testimonial are gif images with a colored background instead of a transparent png. It's an easy edit but again, more hassle.

Hopefully it will be a bit easier to setup in the future, but overall it is a great extension!
byUOGAddict, February 23, 2010
Pro Sticky Message
This is a great module.

So many things you can do with it. From targeting guests to get them registered, to keeping your users informed, or just having fun. It can do whatever you need.

Support is amazing. Went beyond what I expected. Instead of just linking me to an article or guide, they took the time to do what needed to be done.
byUOGAddict, February 19, 2010
When I first came across this I figured I could just install it and figure it out on my own. I was wrong! Take the time to watch the tutorials, read the information and put some time into it.

Once you get into the flow you can do amazing things with this. It has made my life so much easier!
byUOGAddict, January 23, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I have a lot of respect for this because they do not put any ads in the newsletter. I thought for sure any free component would have ads in it.

The setup was very straight forward and I had my first email out about 15 minutes after installation.

I will be upgrading to the paid version just to show support!
byUOGAddict, January 12, 2010
Redaction Utility
When I first found this and read through the instructions, I almost didn't install cause it looked too complicated.

Amazingly after reading the instructions a second time (just to be sure I understood everything), it worked right away.

I will be installing this on all my sites.

If you are having problems with this, keep this rule in mind: "RTFM"
Owner's reply


There's a lot of power built into this extension. We did our best to make it as simple to use as we could without limiting the power.

To make it even easier, we're building a repository of rules on our forums at Check in there for help, or contribute a new rule and help others.