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byURAGANU, July 16, 2012
Admin Menu Manager
I've been searching for days for a extension that can make my Administrator menu customizable.

Joomla didn't implement yet this facility to build custom administrator menu for developers and customers.
This extensions does that and it's so simple.

You can have a shop or magazine with custom administrator menu for your customer in few minutes.

The Free version is excellent for small business and the Pro version is only $30. It worth the money if you think that a programmer will charge you at least $100 or more to modify the code of your joomla to have a custom menu.

I warmly recommend this extension.
byURAGANU, November 8, 2011
Virtue Affiliate
I purchased this extension few days ago and since then I spent my time configuring it, translating it and playing with it. There were few issues that were solved by their support team on short notice.

It's doing what it has to do, it's worth the money and if you think about its use you can cover your investment in it in few weeks if you have a small store.

I would recommend anytime.

Thank you for building and releasing such a great extension.
byURAGANU, November 8, 2011
I've been searching for over a month for a solution on how to display 3 different stats, from 3 different sub-pages, on the front page of a portal and I almost gave up.
But I found this extension, with screenshots and documentation that helped me understand that it can help me with its features. And because of Google Analytics now my portal looks accurate.
I wasn't able to keep stats for different sub-pages with conventional counters and statistics extensions.

This extension worth the time and it's very easy to setup. Just make a Google Analytics account, make a profile, get back to this extension in joomla and import your profile. From there you can use the module to display any statistics you are following from anywhere.

Brilliant !

Thank you for all your efforts and specially for sharing this for free, with all of us.
byURAGANU, October 3, 2011
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HTTP Authentication
I was in a hurry to find a plugin that helps my entire site to be restricted for public audience.

This plugin helped me to achieve that. Now my website is accessible only for those who have a username and password.

There are no bugs, no other problems. Website works excellent after authentication.

Thanks for building it
byURAGANU, April 30, 2010
Hi-Quality programming, top-notch performance. This extension made my website more interactive and fancy and I must thank the developer for such a work. So complex and smart. Thank you also for giving it to us for free.
byURAGANU, April 28, 2010
Simple Email Form
This extension is good but for some people will become a very dangerous one. Why ? Because function file-put-contents uses resources that keep directories blocked and process will run until server restarts, if it ever restarts. That means resources eaten by some small applications.

I encountered the problem in their troubleshot section and it didn't let me to erase the directories I build for captchas.

I think the owner must work a littler more on this extension to make it popular an friendly.

Owner's reply

Version 1.0.3 addresses the issue of CAPTCHAs. The write function is now native Joomla 1.5 JFile::write() instead of "file_put_contents()". Thanks for the feedback Uraganu.

byURAGANU, August 11, 2009
I found that this extension doesn't work for modules. Maybe the author include a tutorial about how to include media files in modules. Thanks
byURAGANU, August 6, 2009
One of the best extensions I tried on Joomla and I use Joomla daily for projects.

Small, powerful and versatile.

byURAGANU, February 9, 2009
This is a extraordinary extension with hard work behind, BUT the size is HUGE, 11Mb. Sorry but I had to pass it after I tested it. It's larger than Joomla and VirtueMart together. Thanks
byURAGANU, February 9, 2009
Well I was looking for such extension for a long time and now I'm satisfied that someone thought on a large scale. It works perfectly and I'm very satisfied.
byURAGANU, February 8, 2009
AJAX toggler
I expected more from this extension. It takes more to sort or order items than before. I uninstall it.

I expect from this kind of tool to facilitate creating, modifying or deleting items.