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byUWiX, September 12, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
The Free version of this component was already great but this pro version is awesome!

Had a lot of plugins running to do what this component does at once. It's worth every penny - that's for sure.

Also want to mention the outstanding support - even for non paying user :-) Many others can learn from these guys.
byUWiX, April 16, 2008
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Tried this component/module. It works pretty good; but I'm missing a few options and possibilities.
- I want to be able to select the diashow images path; otherwise I get another folder for my images.
- I'm missing a function to set multiple images at the same time for a diashow, I don't want to select every single image seperately.
- The images should be automaticly be resized into the dimensions set in the module parameters.

If the author could implement this I'm for sure gonna use this component a lot! Thanls!