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byUnbeliever, February 2, 2014
Deplaneet Plan List
This module is not very user-friendly and requires extensive work to get it to behave as you would like.

After installation the contents of each package (the lists) only have an on/off switch in the modules administration, and titles like 'Option 1'. There is no field to fill in what option 1 would be then. In the frontend you would only see 'option 1', 'option 2', etc.

Also some labels are pre-filled and not customisable. You will see the label 'Day' for instance in all 4 packages, without the ability to change that. It just get's added to whatever title you fill in (like: Pakket1Day)

Only by editing the language file through FTP I was able to change the labels in more meaningfull names like 'Template' 'Mobile Optimised' 'Installation' etc.

The module also doesn't scale well for mobile viewing. The 4 package containers can get thinner, but the texts don't scale with them. It would be nice that the 4 plans scale like this: full resolution: 4 plans horizontal, half resolution: 2 plans horizontal and two rows of 2 plans, small resolution: 4 plans vertical.

The module looks nice though, and if you know what you are doing it can be styled and presented the way you want, but not out of the box.

The website of the developer is quite empty: no forum-topics, no documentation.

All in all it feels unfinished.
byUnbeliever, July 31, 2013
GMapFP : Google Map
I'm using GMapFP for some years now, on almost all sites I develop. This free version already has all I need. It's a great one-stop contact & route solution. Easy to set up, easy to customise.

Even though I'm using the free version, the support in their forum is fast and good. I had a minor CSS-issue with the output of the route-planner, but the dev helped me several within a day, even outside office hours.

Turned out the CSS I had an issue with was within Google's rendered code for the directions. The dev pointed me to where and how I could override this and it worked like a charm.

Need not only a contactform but also want to give your customers directions? Then this one does it all.