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byUnhindered, May 15, 2007
The calendar works. This is great. I didn't run into any errors, just some significant omissions. I provide Joomla! Websites for several non-profits

The greatest disadvantages for me are:
1. Usability - very difficult to explain to average internet users how to administer the calendar.
2. (the bigger one for me personally) - Unable to delete single occurances of repeating events. My palm did this 8 years ago, I created a PHPNuke Calendar 6 years ago that did this, why can't I find a Joomla calendar that does?

If a group has an event every Wednesday, and it is cancelled on week, you cannot delete that week's event. You have to end the repeating event the week before, and start a new copy of the exact same event to start repeating again the week after.

For now, looks like I'm just switching to the embedded google calendar for Joomla.
byUnhindered, February 7, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
Pro: Easy easy install and config
Con: Never finishes backup, freezes every time. Really takes away from the usefulness of the com.
Owner's reply

If you are experiencing problems - unlike most users out there - it's more appropriate to discuss them on the support forum, rather on a review site like this. After all, no software is without bugs and the only way to solve them is to get feedback from users like you.