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byV.B., September 12, 2013
Jms Mega Menu
Easy to understand and use extension and excellent support. Many thanks
byV.B., June 18, 2013
Zoom Lightbox
Very useful extension and it is free! Easy to use - it does what it says. Excellent service and support.
byV.B., June 18, 2013
Screen Reader
This is the easiest plug-in I have used. It works great with several languages (among others I used Greek and Chinese). The support they offer is unbelievably good! I had the first reply within minutes and Marco spent a lot of time to help me (although I have not bought anything yet...). He even offered a free service in order to combine the reader with 'Zoom lightbox' from the same company. PERFECT.
byV.B., February 13, 2013
Pop Image Slider
Excellent slider: simple and it does exactly what it is expected to do. The best support I had for some time now.
byV.B., April 2, 2012
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Documents Seller
On the good side, this extension has an easy interface; it offers an easy translation system; it allows you to add categories and products…and (more or less) that’s all.
On the bad side…there is a huge list. More important: ‘DOWNLOAD’ does NOT work properly. The first problem I had was that when the user downloads documents from ‘my account’ the link never expired. Twan fixed it within a week. Then it became apparent that if the user orders the same document for second time, all the previous links in my account became active again and never expired. After 10 days and several emails Twan send me a new version. This time it is the ‘checkout’ that does not work. I cannot make an order and in order to test the new function I have to reinstall the previous version, make the order, reinstall the new one and then check my account. In any case I CANNOT use it in my site.
Furthermore, there are several minor problems: in some pages, the text is not visible in some version of Internet Explorer (CSS problem). CSS are very inconsistent – some buttons are of the class ‘button’; others are not. As a result if you use the class ‘button’ of your template, only half of the buttons will change.
Also, you cannot test in PayPal sand box (Twan asked me to take his word that it works in PayPal – I was very willing to do it at the beginning but with the ‘download’ problem that is not fixed for almost 3 weeks, how can I?). Another problem I had at the beginning was that the date of the order was not recorder correctly.
I bought this program 50 days ago – I’ve lost almost two months and still I do not have a program where at least its main function works. I cannot imagine that (at least the versions emailed to me) were tested. The problems were extremely obviously and I discovered them within half an hour after I installed it. Since February I fell I offer free testing to Twan.
As for the service, I prefer not to comment. Twan sets the deadlines and then he says that he has a lot of works and asks for more time. He asked several times to have another extension and I did respect that he has a lot of work. Unfortunately he did NOT respect my own work and my time.
Summarising, my suggestion is to try any other program before you try this.