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byV4N3X, October 11, 2009
Well this is also a nice module: really functional, quick, and not dangerous for layout.
At first I tried to use Multilang M17n (tested on Win2k3 Server, Apache 2.2.11 Webserver and MySQL 5.1), and only by installing it was able to mess up all my code! The author says that it's my configuration fault, so I wonder if your Multi Trans works fine because it's well written, or because it's a complete error!! Anyway, apart jokes, your module is really well working and easy to use; only 1 issue:
user should be able to adapt Google logo to menu size, because it's all in a row, and too long! Anyway Google frame works better now, so it's always a nice compromise.
Nice job!!
byV4N3X, October 6, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
I'm testing this module right now on my website: well it looks pretty nice, not really difficoult to find a fitting colour; if you all are able to put a website online, I guess you all should be able to set exadecimal colour for all module elements! A little annoying to set manually the songs names; also the imput field is not really clear: would be better to enlarge it to a multi line imput field.
Only 2 issues:
1)randomly, the module "cuts" the song while playing, stopping or simply skipping to the next song;
2)randomly the module does not load the song (does not play it)
Both issues lead into navigation problem, causing the browser to freeze page, and ofthen the need to close it, and restart it.
I'm testing actually on IE8 and Opera 9.62, the module manages only 6 songs, all same bitrate fitting to audio CDs standard.
Anyway apart from these random issues the module works fine. I used website URL path to folder (http://), please post a comment, if things are different changing to absolute root path.