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I usually try out a piece of open-source software and if it works use it and if it doesn’t just move on to another. The problems using a particular extension can be varied. This time was different with JooComments thanks to the developer and his assistance which extended beyond a simple response. He clearly cares about his work and code.

I needed an extension that would allow guests to comment without registration, allow moderation before publication, allow article selection and provide captcha to keep the spammers out and was clean in design. Installation and configuration of JooComments were complete in minutes but when I went to test it I discovered two problems. The first was minor; the alignment was off just a bit. The second was a show-stopper. It didn’t work.

Nothing I typed would allow the captcha code to be accepted so a comment could not be posted. I usually rely on others to work out the bugs but after having already tried 3 other comment extensions I really wished there was a way to get this to work. I recognized the problem was probably not with his code which looked clean but with another program I was running since I had encountered difficulties other extensions as well. But I am a self-taught joomla user and maybe I was wrong.

I left the developer a comment with my dilemma: I am using Joomla 1.7.3 with the Gratis template and cannot manage to get the captcha to be accepted. I reasoned his response would be a simple, “I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do since this appears to be a problem with another extension.” I thought at least he would know that there was an issue, even if it wasn’t his. Feedback is helpful for developers. He sent me two emails in response; the first of which I missed seeing. The second was in follow-up to the first since I hadn’t responded. This in itself told me something about him as a developer. He cares that a problem be addressed.

Within minutes of my response he identified the software on my site causing the conflict. This gave me a starting point to try to work out a solution. He also pointed out the alignment problem which I hadn’t mentioned and provided me with a fix. (This fix will be automatically included in the next release of JooComments 1.3). I thanked him and told him I would see what I could do but this was an SEF extension I couldn’t forgo using. He wasn’t familiar with the extension and downloaded it himself to replicate the problem for himself trying to find a solution so his software would work with this other program even though it wasn’t his code causing the problem.

As it turns out, 2 days earlier a new release on the SEF software had been released and after I updated, JooComments worked with no problem. How embarrassing on my part after a dozen or so emails over several hours with the developer. His final response was a “Yipee!”.

My conclusion: Always keep your software updated. Feedback in the Joomla community can help everyone. JooComments is a wonderful solution for a beautifully simple comment system. I thank Abhiram Mishra from for his patience and assistance.