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Reviews(1), March 16, 2012
ccVAOM for Virtuemart
The CCvaom extension is a pure timesafer and allows you to automate your Virtuemart webshop in an efficient manner. We use the component to generate PDFs with the confirmed (read payed) orders and e-mail this to our fulfillment partner using the cronjob functionality. What we have experienced is that not all customers pay their order, and we only want to ship the paid orders. This component helps to make this possible. Unfortunately I did not worked directly out of the box. The generated mails offer the possibility to do this using a nice set of templates. This works for the package slip, the orders, the invoice to the customer but did not work for the invoice BCC. Confronting the Chill Creations people with this issue we found a great deal of support in getting this fixed. It took some time to understand the issue but we now have this working. Special thanks to Arun for his support!