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Vegas Concierge

byVegas Concierge, April 4, 2012
VM Affiliate
If I could give a higher rating, I would.

Quite simply, I'm a skeptic, not naturally...actually an optimist by birth...but a skeptic of the 'tech/programmer' world from a, until now, never ending barrage of 'never-meeting expectations' tech-folk.

I read the reviews of VM Affiliate, here and elsewhere. Was encouraged by the fact the owner stepped up and answered/defended himself in validated/documented records in the few instances of negatives. Seemed credible and I 'rolled the dice' and bought VM Affiliate!

Wow folks! I WISH that every other program support/owner etc in the tech world was as supportive and selflessly helpful as VM Affiliate. I have spent TONS of money on programs and 'help' that consistently fail me. Believe me when I say: "I can't thank VM Affiliate enough for their level of support and no attempts to nickel-and-dime me, ever!" One price=record-setting awesome support.

Short details: MY tech and server folks=painful to deal with...VM Affiliate, stepped up and offered a solution and took the time to do it themselves when it looked like MY people weren't capable of a quickie solution!

THAT is support!