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byVenture, June 19, 2008
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I searched long and hard and read up on various PM systems, and picked this one. I haven't been sorry. It is top notch, and is actively supported. It serves my needs perfectly.
byVenture, April 11, 2007
Awesome menu system for someone like me who is just above being css illiterate, but does want some customization! I tried a few of the other menu systems, and settled on this one. I got things working last night much easier than I could have imagined, and am ecstatic over the results. I wanted to be able to use the menu buttons that I'm already using in the Solarflare II template. This menu system made this super easy

This did require a tiny bit of knowledge of an image editing program (Paint Shop Pro in my case), but only because of how Solar Flare template has the button images done. The button image and mouseover images in Solar Flare II are a single png image file (top half has one button, the bottom half of the image has the mouseover button). I just needed to cut each half of the image file and paste each as its own image, and then upload those two files to my server.

The component then creates a module for you, and you go in and fill in the parameters. All I had to do was, in the proper box in the form, point to the new image files I uploaded. I had to do some tweaks like change the font size, etc., but all this is done in the component without requiring any knowledge of css.

Great menu system, and exactly what I was looking for.