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byVictorius, April 20, 2010
WEBO Site SpeedUp

This is the most useful module I have ever had. By just enabling the cache for all options in the control panel, my site performs at least 5 times faster than ever.

Now I am experimenting with the other options. When I enable the minify css and other options for them my site stops displaying my images. Though it is not necesseraly the module's fault, but my many and complicated css files'.

If I just gain the speed acceleration by enabling the cache and the other options won't work, I will be very much satisfied with Webo.

It is a must have for all who use Joomla.
byVictorius, March 13, 2010
I've downloaded the plugin, installed it, but don't know what I should see and where. I enabled it, but I don't know where I can customize my URLs. When I write a new article, nothing appears in the article manager to choose from.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.