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Vince G

OSE Membership™
The plugin works cleanly with PayPal, and has a very nice interface both on the back-end and front-end for end-users. It is very slick, professional, and works seamlessly.

My only complaint was some manual tweaking needs to be done for certain lines of displayed text. But, that is tedious, not difficult.

What impressed me the most was how well as a component it worked, and its interfacing with PayPal. Those are, of course, crucial to any subscription-based website.

What was stellar, though, was the support. I had some conflicts with other plugins, but after submitting a ticket their tech support responded very promptly and figured out a solution. They were very accommodating and went above and beyond in their trouble-shooting.
Form2Content LITE
Form2Content works cleanly and simply, and its integration with Joomla's own article manager makes it ideal for my site's needs and other administrators.

It does take some set-up, but it is intuitive to the intermediate mind-set and the website's documentation and guides can help you from there.

They also have great tech support, working on an individual basis to help you with your problem. The same person works with you until your issues are fixed.
byVince G, August 2, 2011
Flip Wall
Overall: The module works as cleanly as advertised, and does as it says. Tech support was good, however being based in India while I'm in California meant that all exchanges had to occur overnight. I had some jQuery code conflicts, but tech support managed to go in and fix their module's code so everything works seamlessly now.

The Good:
-Works as advertised
-Tech support is helpful and gets back to you
-Fairly straightforward to use

The Could-Be-Better:
-Tech Support may take up to a day to get back to you, depending on your time-zone.
-Images must be uploaded directly to the image folder within the module; can't do it from Joomla's back-end

The Bad:
-There may be potential jQuery conflicts. Mine conflicted with JoomlArt's mega menu and RSComments. Contact tech support and they'll fix this right up.
-This is the MODULE, however there is a MODULE+COMPONENT available on their site. The bundle obviously costs more.