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Reviews(1), May 8, 2010
ProJoom Multi Rotator
I would like to express my gratitude to the ProJoom guys for this extension.
First of all, i chose it because it was the only one which fitted my type of a website and i wanted to rotate flash advertisements and track the clicks.
Second, the only thing that you really pay is the 18 bucks. Everything else is free - support, updates for 9 months (upgrades) and custom sizes.
Third, what really influenced me was the excellent comments from other users for this extension.
Forth, the support is working around the clock delivering an "augmented" product as it is called in the tourism industry.
Fifth, i only had one small issue with the custom size but the support fixed it in a day !

Finally, i would like to reccommend this extension to everybody running a Joomla site and in need of a rotator for flash files. What's more, i can even use it as a plugin for my articles. Anyway, even of you don't have flash files but just images it's also a "must" to have it. Multiple instances in a page save lots of headache.

Wonderful work guys, hats off from Bulgaria !