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This extension is great and it does almost everything I want but it is missing one very important feature which is a mobile navigation for smartphones and tablets. It does work with these devices but it isn't optimized for them. The other thing that would make it untouched is auto-detection Image, Article Title, Article Description by selecting a particular article. In J!2.5 these can be pulled directly from an article very easily so if this was supported it would make this extension unmatched.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your input, we'll take into account your suggestions with next updates!

byVisuex, July 15, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
I designed a template for Joomla with the intention of being able to control where modules are displayed and initially I found out that Joomla couldn't do that and in order to force it I had to make a hidden menu, make a hidden item in that menu, attach the module to that itemid and then attach a page to that itemid. Holy crap right?

Then I found this component and it's still Holy Crap but in the good way. :) This component can do everything I wanted and even some stuff I didn't even think of.

I couldn't recommend this component more. In fact I am planning on purchasing a license just to pay the developer for their efforts. This thing has saved me so much time it would be shameful if I didn't.