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DT Register
To be fair, this is the best option i've found. However, there's a few fatal flaws that I've found:

1) members cannot cancel their registration or update the # of people attending. For free events, this is a must.
2) no way to see a list of registered attendees on the front-end. Many times more people will come if they see that is coming.

The only advantage I can see of this over the free attend_events module is that:
1) you can group events on the front end
2) you can see the # of attendees on the front end.

Is that worth $60? Relative answer, to some it is, to some it isn't.
Owner's reply

1) The items you say mention as flaws are not promoted as being available features so if you needed that, you should not have purchased.
2) The only advantages of DT Register over the free Attend Events are not just the two things you mentioned... of course... there are MANY other advantages.
3) The "flaws" you mention are both things that we are including very soon. We are always adding new features to always keep DT Register as the best option for event registration.

A 2-star rating because it's missing a couple features that you want is not fair... particularly since these features will soon be there and you won't be able to change your vote :)