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I think that remains one of best composing as regards the rewriting URLS. But several points to be improved.

For the paying version of the product, least of the things and to provide a multilingual component whereas of other do it without problem. Being French I was obliged to return has sh404SEF because simpler used.

The handbook concerning all the functionalities is limiting non-existent except making a research push well on the forum of support. I think that a person who buys the component has the right to have a complete guide for the use of the component. Without to have to spend the hours and the hours to be sought on the forum of support.

The same thing for the extensions to buy. Who misses multilingual support, of documentation, etc

In short, the true lack of this component that I took time to look length into broad is its documentation, without lack of language other than English, and the little of tutorials.

With regard to the component itself, it is informed my one of best in its category, and it would be still better with all than I mentioned above.

The 3 stars are due to the multilingual lack of support, documentation, and tutorial for the people not having obligatorily necessary knowledge to configure with good this component.
Owner's reply


thanks for your comment.

We are aware of what you say and we are working hard on improving that - the completly new updated documentation is being written and we also supporting more languages then just the english.

The tutorials are also planned and should come a bit later. We hope the new docs will be maximally complete and clear.