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byVogglz, July 1, 2014
This is a wonderfully simple but very effective module to alternate between different (header) images for items and categories on your website. Have been using it for a few sites and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Many thanks to the developer for providing this to the community! Great work and a big thanks!
byVogglz, May 28, 2014
Menu Wrench
Just installed and tested briefly on a development installation. Seems to be working just fine, does exactly what it should.

Very useful to create ie. a footer column menu where you don't want entire menus to be rendered. Thanks!
byVogglz, July 5, 2011
Had this wonderful component up, running and configured in under an hour with a few test products and categories (without payment processing of course) on a J1.6.4.

Code seems to be well written and the backend layout is pretty clear. Easy install and configuration for average to experience Joomla admins.

Could not find first how to create the SEF urls, but a quick visit to the forum revealed that you simply have to add the alias manually and it works perfect (domainname/categoryalias/productalias). Might be nice to have the alias autofill based on the title if alias is left empty.

Overall, very good component, saved my ass because it's one of few (if any) webshops running stable on J1.6. I think the paid support is only fair for such a quality component.

I will start working on the Dutch translation (have to translate for this site anyway) and share with the author. Thanks!
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Download Dutch translation

byVogglz, March 2, 2011
Accordion FAQ
First review ever here on the JED, but I just HAD to thank you for already having this wonderful extension available for Joomla 1.6! I was using another one but that was not ready for 1.6 yet, but now I will never go back to the old one! :)

It is easy to implement, configure and very easy to use after reading the excellent documentation. I am LOVING your online configuration tool and the many different preset stylings. I just had to change a few lines of css to get it to fit my design perfectly.

By the way, excellent choice for using the HTML tags (like h3) to convert into slides, this really facilitates graceful deprecation and is easy for authors and editors.

Thank you!!!