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byVolga, June 26, 2014
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It does what it says but if you are in a multilingual environment this is not a component you want.

Multilingual Problems:

Even though there is language file support, the php files dont use the lang files correct so you are stuck in English unless you go and fix the code by yourself. (A LOT OF WORK)

The other thing is that the database files and the php files are not saved in UTF-8 codepage so your user cant even write in his language. (EVEN MORE WORK)

The third annoying thing is that it need php delimiter on. So if you dont have access to your php.ini means that you must alter the code of the problem pages from:


this is not just a lot of work...its.. its... aaaaahhh
byVolga, September 18, 2013
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
Its a nice module that i'm working with on over 15 websites.

It does what it says with a clean and easy way. The only minor problem is that if you have SEF enabled it searches for /undefined. User dont see the problem (the problem is visible if you search your site with firefox console mode) so there is nothing wrong with that but it would be good if they fixed it.
byVolga, September 18, 2013
SP Smart Slider
Its a magnificent module with tons of customizations and free.

The ability to choose an article and display other title on the showcase is a life saver.

The only drawback is (in nivo slider mode) that on the sliders if you choose to display an article and check the display link to YES, all the sliders link to the first slider article. This is happening if you click the slider title. if you click the slider image it works fine. Well its a simple bug and i am sure they will fix it soon.
Owner's reply

We will fix the bug within the next release.

byVolga, May 31, 2013
It does what it says in a very simple and understandable way. Nice addition to any joomla site.

Hope someday to see it preinstalled in joomla installation.
byVolga, July 3, 2012
Mini FrontPage
It has so many options, its so easy to use and does exactly what i wanted to do!

Thank you for this excellent module.