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byVorwaerts, September 21, 2011
OSE Membership™
When buying extensions I generally look at 4 things; quality, design, documentation and support.

I've now tried 2 other products but this one put a smile on my face and made me happy since it qualifies all my general criteria - 5 stars from me on all 4 from me!

I've used this extension since version 4.4.x and it keeps getting better.
Good editor etc. but have you ever tried to uninstall this extension? I tried and with the outcome that my browser returns a blank page when trying to edit an article and VirtueMart complains about a missing editor.

Re-installing (with the latest release) of course makes editing possible again.

Isn't it suppose to revert back to the default editor?
Owner's reply

Which editor is set as the default is not controlled by JCE but is an option set either in the Joomla! Configuration or in the Joomla! USer Manager. If the editor has been uninstalled, it cannot influence the default editor setting. What you are highlighting here may be a bug in Joomla!, not an issue with JCE.

byVorwaerts, August 31, 2010
Need I say more?

Big thanks to the developer of this plug-in.
byVorwaerts, May 30, 2010
I really like this one and the fact that they are aware of security issues also is just a big plus. Alot of different integrations are supported including JomSocial avatars.
byVorwaerts, January 16, 2010
AJAX Register
Absolutely flawless product and very simple to configure. Works out of the box and worth every penny :) (note: you have to register with the recaptcha website).
byVorwaerts, January 16, 2010
Cache Cleaner
Don't you just love saving time when working on projects?

This is just another great Administration Tool (Ajax based) from NoNumber - Keep up the good work!

With utilities like these you really want to support the contributor :)