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As Chamira
stated I am too glad to report this plugin is working on Joomla! 3.0

and like him I think too this is a great plugin and very useful for displaying Joomla code within an article without the Joomla application trying to render it!

It is a shame this extension is so little appreciated
byVovsen, September 14, 2010
Very nice, very easy to setup, and the button to place products in articels is genius. it's a KISS program but is missing a manual that goes a little beyond the plain configuration setup. like how the product is presented in the webshop, how do you add extra text to the basket and the shop. the developer is kind enough to answer in the forum but not to all questions, or maybe it's the qustions that's understandable. if the manual have been a little better SimpleCaddy have deserved the last star.
KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid.
Owner's reply

The Demo site is there to have an answer to most "standard" questions and shows how to set up your shop in less than 30 minutes.
If I don't answer all questions in the forum, there might be a reason for it. Just ask the question again or bump the subject. The forum is very active, some questions may go unanswered by mistake.

byVovsen, March 21, 2010
This Captcha works out of the box, IF you have PHPversion 5, BUT if you write to the support they will help you though you only have a version 4. And they help you very fast. OSOLCaptcha works on a Joomla in safe mode too. Look no further even if you are a newbie, Sree will carry you all the way.