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byWarbear, December 20, 2010
HOT Login
This installed like a breeze, and works right from the box. It's now on all my sites. Great job!
byWarbear, November 24, 2010
SP Image Gallery
This is a good product, with a little room for improvement.

Firstly, it does what it says it does, and does it elegantly. Very impressed with the simplicity and setup.

It could use the following IMO:
• Auto Linking to Sub Folders (so that under one user name, they might have 2 folders under their username, and when they go to the root folder gallery, they can see a link to the sub folders.
• Better handling of thumbs. It would be good to see them keep dimensions by setting a MAXIMUM height and width, rather than setting it to one specific size. This would allow for a more dynamic page, and not distort all the images on the page, if you have different dimensions then it will go by the width you set.
• An option on layout too would be good - to have the ability to set a width, and maybe instead of point 2 above; this option wold allow us to set the width to 600, set the thumbnail to 180, and we would see it automatically make 3 columns of thumbnails.

Don't get me wrong, I like it - I just would love to see it a little better!

Highly recommended for all users.
byWarbear, November 22, 2010
Very Simple Image Gallery
Simply put, it does what it says it will do, no problems installing, configuring or running it.

I recommmend this to anyone that wants a gallery that they can have multiple users use by having them upload via FTP to a dedicated folder, and then just making a page on the site for each person's gallery.

Very nice work!