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byWaveyUK1969, February 2, 2014
What can I say about this extension that others haven't already?
StackIdeas are absolutely fantastic, in their products and their support.
I've used EasyBlog for nearly 2 years, and although it tied in with JomSocial, my site just didn't look right, and JomSocial was laggy and slow.
When they guys at StackIdeas released EasySocial, I hanged back for a while to see how the product was received. It was soon apparent that people were raving about it, and I knew the support from the guys at StackIdeas would be second to none. So, when I installed it, and it being a relatively new product, I was blown away by it's features.
Sure, like any new product, you end up tripping over yourself configuring, but the guys at StackIdeas are superb! They help, they inform and they listen. I've never had to wait more than 6 hours for an answer to a question. Considering the time difference between the UK and where they are based, this is outstanding. I've had replied from Mark Lee at 2.30am his time in the morning either advising, or him jumping into the backend of the site to fix a problem.
If you're looking to add a social networking aspect to your site, and want to integrate it with an excellent blogging platform (EasyBlog) and discussion forum (EasyDiscuss), then look no further. I woudldn't hesitate recommending this product to anyone.
Great job guys!
byWaveyUK1969, July 27, 2012
When you're trying to build a blogging related site, you want something that's forward thinking, easy to use, and when you get stuck, a great level of support...
All this you get with EasyBlog, and more. The guys who support the product know their stuff. They've developed a product that does exactly as it says on the tin! Basically, it just works. My site is a blogging and discussion website, and without EasyBlog, it wouldn't be possible. Add into the mix that it works nicely with JomSocial and you can't ask for more!
So, if you need a blogging extension to Joomla, either for your personal use, or for a wider community, then look no further than EasyBlog... you won't be disappointed.