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Wayne Webb

byWayne Webb, January 8, 2013
Alexandria Book Library
After several weeks of inputting my book collection I can say I am satisfied with this extension. While the extension is not geared towards the serious bibliophile, and that is the market it should be directed towards, it does allow for simplistic book cataloging.

A Pro version, with a paid subscription, would be a much needed addition the developers should look into.

All-in-all, this is a an excellent extension needing additions.
byWayne Webb, October 26, 2011
After a few days of back and forth with the staff over at Ninja Forge I have only one complaint. Why can't I donate???

The installation was a breeze, even for a neophyte, and it was up and running in only a few moments. Better yet, since the CSS stands on it's own, I was able to manipulate it so I could have my larger icons. A definite bonus!

The integration with RocketTheme's Refraction template was seamless and easily allowed for the use of the Presets of the template. Ninja Forge's Chameleon theme allowed Refraction to do what it is intended for, allow the user to chose their own color options. Only if other developers of Forum plgu-ins could have such a tight integration with an installed template things would go much smoother.

John B. has a cup of coffee (or whatever he wants) the next he's around. An item high on my wish list was the usage of emoticons and a BBS style tool bar which is under development and a back-end set of tools for managing topics and postings.

My only complaint; there is no method in use to donate-to-the-cause. The plug-in warrants it!!!
byWayne Webb, March 4, 2011
If you have a heavily graphic influenced content in use on your site, this is a Must Have Extension. A historical site displaying original 18th and 19th Century web site is easily copyable by Internet Thieves. This little $15.00 USD plug-in is well worth the expense. The setup could not have been easier.

Where do I add a sixth star???