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byWeGotBalls, September 6, 2012
Virtuemart Reward Points
Worth every cent!
Downloaded and installed the product with no problems. When I had an Issue on design and layout and functionality, he got back to me very quickly with clear instructions on how to solve the problem - and when I could not get the issue resolved myself he logged in and did it for me - and super quick to! Seriously, he replied within minutes to every email and sometimes I thought he does not sleep!
byWeGotBalls, April 11, 2011
Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes for InteraMind Emails
Where to start...

AWO Dev (AWO Coupon, AWO Dynamic Coupons) and Interamind ( Virtuemart Emails Manager, Virtuemart Order Follow Up & Dynamic Coupons) honestly have great products, awesome service and is a must have for any online store using the virtuemart shopping cart for joomla. I am a huge fan of both companies.

Now to the part of the review explaining why this is such an important plugin.

The virtuemart coupon system lacks a lot - that is where AWO coupons come in - it has one fundamental feature that makes it so worth the money I just cannot stress the value in this - EXPIRY DATES + another bunch of features which is worth the money!. Coupons can now have lifetimes set - and you can forget about it! Once it expires, it is unusable. If you start giving out bunch of coupons ... how in the world are you going to manage that? it becomes an nightmare ... and AWO coupon just takes care of that completely. Seriously a winner!

With virtuemart order followup and Virtumart Emails manager you are able to get the Interamind Dynamic Coupons plugin. This coupon rides on the back of the virtuemart coupons system and which in my experience lacks that crucial - expiry date, and a bunch of features - however it is an extremely usefull coupon.
Interamind Virtuemart emails manager is seriously the fundamental base of my automated communications to my customers. It looks professional, it creates a professional feeling for your customer and this makes them want to buy more. It just improves just so much where virtuemart lacks in customer emails. It is must for every serious online store - if you are serious about your sales - then get this extension.

NOW, you can get the power of the AWO COUPONS together with the power of VIRTUEMART EMAILS and VIRTUEMART order followup. This is a huge combination and these two companies have a winner! I cannot really say more than get it for your store. It just makes sense to having something that runs so effortlessly and yet creates so much value for your store,

In order to use this Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes for InteraMind Emails you need to have AWO Coupon and virtuemart emails manager installed - this you buy seperately. This way you can totally unleash the power of the basic virtuemart coupons and email marketing. I honestly can say that it has in short period of time I'm been using it be absolutely worth it.

It installs easily, it works fantastic - and I certainly recommend it to anyone out there that is serious about their online business.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for this great review. Our team worked very hard with AwoCoupon team to integrate the two products.
Now you can also use this plugin with the Product Review Followup. Good customer retention can increase your sales dramatically ;)