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XiUS for JomSocial
I was very pleased with the installation and configuration; made multprofiles a usable feature. However once installed my client had additional request beyond what the extension was designed to do. I contacted support and they not only lead to the appropriate “Tips and Tricks”, but also took the time to help me reconfigure code to meet the needs of the client. The added support really streamlined the search function and help make the site user friendly. Again; Excellent extension and awesome support!
JomSocial has surpassed my expectations in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on several sites.

The many configuration options has allowed me to give a unique feel and look on several sites. The defaults had me up and running in a very short time.

In starting a new community based project my thoughts went to JomSocial but at first glance I thought the idea to be a bit out of the box even for JomSoical. But the amazing support team proved me wrong. The support team listened to my idea, spent time brainstorming configuration option and came up with a configuration and work flow that worked!

Their willingness to be open to "new" ideas and support the project save me a lot of time and the expense of custom coding.

Great job and great combination all the way around.

Thank you JomSocial; Eric and Chris. You both made this fun!