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byWebDesignHero, September 7, 2010
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This has the potential to be a great tool, but troubleshooting the glitches has been a real pain. I began to understood some of the conventions and implicit pluralizations, however, it often builds names in an unexpected way. It also will write all sorts of functions, but leave out necessary includes. Very annoying to have basic things like declaring $this->items in the view and then auto creating $this->elements in the view-layout.
Would highly recommend just taking the time to write a full component on your own and then cut and paste, easier to change a few files in the correct location then to search for oddities.
See great potential over time, and will submit to author the list of glitches I run into.
This is not a bad effort. It gives you a good basic way to organize ads, but there are some flaws. First, if its main focus is on banner advertising, it should provide an upload interface internally. It took me a few minutes to realize I first had to upload an image to the banners folder in the media manager. I am also not sure why you have to specify the image size twice – you need to set it on the location management, then specifically again for the image when you create a new banner. Enable/Disable buttons on the banner list would be better if they were clickable. Also, in the module you have to manually enter the location id as a parameter, where this should be implemented as a drop-down list. Also, for the module it will not display the title I set even when I specifically enable it in the standard module options. The interface in general is very redundant which could confuse some users. I do like the ease of putting in the custom code, which is how I would be doing most of my adverts anyway. The restriction options based on content are nice, would be even better if you could specify components. There is a little extra tedious work to be done, but it gets the job done. Will look into why it is not displaying the title in the module.
Owner's reply

All fair points. I'm working on these issues. I inherited this project when I updated the 1.0 version and it has needed a lot of work just to get where we are. The banner upload issue is a legacy of starting from the core Joomla banner manager which works that way!

I do want to improve the ID selection in the module as soon as possible because it causes users a lot of grief. I've also had other requests to improve the content filtering to use components and other useful selections which I will be looking at shortly.

Thank you for the feedback. All these improvements will follow when paying work doesn't get in the way too much!