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byWebJIVE, May 17, 2014
eorisis: Piwik
This is a fantastic plugin for Piwik! We have been through several of them this one beats the rest by far. One HUGE missing feature is custom variables for logged in user tracking and pages logged in users visit. With that addition, this would be a complete analytics tracking plugin for Piwik.
Owner's reply

Hello WebJIVE,

Thanks very much for your review as well ! I am very glad.

The "custom variables for logged in users" feature is coming, I have it it mind long ago. If you would like to make a suggestion on how you would like it to work inside the plug-in send me email with details please.

For anything else like questions, suggestions/requests, just contact me directly any time as well, using the email provided within the extension, or the page.

Have a nice summer,

byWebJIVE, February 14, 2014
Simple Mobile Detection
This saved me from having to code mobile detection to perform redirects for smartphones so, thanks for this excellent plugin!
byWebJIVE, December 21, 2013
My Content & Workflow
With Article Factory getting long in the tooth on looks, we decided to try this one and we're pleasantly surprised. We had an issue with the initial installation and the development team had us a fix just a day or so after reporting. Well worth the $$ spent.
byWebJIVE, November 19, 2013
Embed Google Docs Viewer
This product works exactly as expected and makes it a breeze to embed Google docs like spreadsheets, etc.
CW Multicategories
We have a client with a LARGE Joomla site (pushing 77k articles and growing by 1000 a month), and up to this point, they copied articles to get them to appear in more than one category in Joomla. Standard Joomla practice.

CW Multicats solved a HUGE issue for them with duplicate content which affects Google rankings, and can be a pain with sh404sef and other SEF addons. CW Multicats worked perfect without a single change to the system.

Recently, we ran into a situation where we discovered that CBSubs didn't work with articles in more that one category. Ouch.. We reached out to the developer and he helped us by patching 1 file to get CBSubs working again with CW Multicats.

Kudos to fantastic support.. We're donating some extra bucks to to the developer for that one! We'll keep doing business with this developer.
byWebJIVE, May 13, 2013
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Spectacular module and easy to use/configure. Its rare you find a module where so much attention to detail has been paid to make it stand out!
Better Preview
The Better Preview from NoNumber is the second reason we keep our subscription up at his site for his add ons! This is the most used feature of any site we build for clients. Peters support is second to none as well!
byWebJIVE, April 8, 2013
Article Preview
One of our issues with previewing the content with other extensions is when you use a SEF component like sh404sef, and you preview, it creates duplicate links and can cause issues. With this plugin, you select which menu to see it under which fixes that problem. Bravo.

To the developer.. Please update your wonderful extension to work with Joomla 3.x! We desperately need an article preview for it.
byWebJIVE, February 27, 2013
JO Facebook Gallery
I don't know what the last reviewer was talking about being slow for? The product works great for us and is only limited by the Graph API speed from Facebook. This is by far the most complete Facebook Gallery add-on we have tried.
byWebJIVE, February 4, 2013
VM Mass Update
We purchased this addon for Virtuemart and it's absolutely indispensable! Makes adding and changing products fast and easy. Please don't be shocked by the price, it's worth every penny and the support has been excellent.
byWebJIVE, December 10, 2012
Virtuemart Links for Advanced Link
This product worked out of the box as expected. No problems, just works!
byWebJIVE, October 3, 2012
Watchful Client
I have been waiting for an addon or service for Joomla 2.5 like this one! I talked with other developers who said this couldn't be done, and here we are, a service that does exactly what we need!

We're going to play with this for a while but, when your hosting and doing all the Joomla management for clients, this is a must-have to keep addons and other items updated.

I wonder if the developer would do a leased version to run on our server?
Owner's reply

I'm glad its working for you. We have plans for a self-hosted version in 2013.

byWebJIVE, September 24, 2012
Vertical Social Share Vote Button
After trying all the freebies out there, this add-on was well worth the money. After installing, the scroller wasn't showing and shortly after emailing the developer, they had it working. The problem was user error. Highly recommended social add-on!
byWebJIVE, September 1, 2012
Prestashop Products
Now if you can continue Prestashop development and figure out a way to make Joomla the CMS around Prestashop like other developers did for Opencart and Magento, you will have a SMASH hit.
byWebJIVE, August 3, 2012
SP Staging
We have been waiting for a system like this for 2.5 for a while now. Being able to test and deploy extensions and upgrades is invaluable for Joomla development and hosting companies like us.

Now, if we could only get this product to instruct Joomla 2.5 to self upgrade, we would have no reason to remotely login and upgrade Joomla core installs manually...
byWebJIVE, July 20, 2012
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SP Upgrade
This is a great extension for migrating content from Joomla 1.5. One thing I have yet to find with any of the migration tools is one that properly handles the assets table.

After using SP-Upgrade and others, then running ACL Manager to check the assets tables shows errors on every article imported.

If the author is using Joomla API's to import, then the core has an issue. Don't know which one it is with the issue but, I have yet to get a clean migration on sites with any tool where the assets table came out clean!

To this day I think the assets table is a mistake and that it's going to continue causing issues down the road, even with Joomla 3.0 and beyond until the core devs come up with a set of tools for repair or API's to properly migrate content.
byWebJIVE, May 10, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin

This is the first admin addon I have seen that really helps the user with tasks. Please keep improving it!
byWebJIVE, May 4, 2012
Great job! This pluing makes setting up new sites SO much easier and for clients to maintain sites and menus. T

he upside of systems like WordPress is they have a nice unified backend but, they don't have the massive arsenal of addons like we do here at the JED!! This plugin helps close that gap.

Another reason why we only roll with Joomla.
byWebJIVE, April 14, 2012
JomLand Ticket Center
After purchasing and installing this component for a client site, I can honestly say that I probably won't use it again.

To start, when tickets are ordered, there is no setting to have the system administrator receive a copy of the ticket order.

Once tickets are purchased, you can not export the purchases to a CSV, just in case you need to pull it into Excel or something else.

Also, when adding an event, there is a broken field on the current version with no label as to what it does. When you re-edit an event, be careful not to input more seats. There's not many instructions on how to use this area of the component.

The list goes on.. In hindsight, we should have purchased another product.
Owner's reply

I'm always wonder why people are complaining about features that DOESN'T, when the extension DOESN'T HAVE THIS FEATURE AT ALL.
-- the component doesn't have export to excel at the moment, so why to complain about it? You can send a mail and to add it as a request and maybe it would be added in future versions.

Every order is store at administrator side, we would add ability to send a mail.

IF you can, Pleased send a mail and I would do my best to assist and help with anything.

I purchased TorTags the other day and now I see there is an upgrade. Unfortunately, from what I can see, there is NO way to download an upgrade of the product from the developers site or Avangate which they chose to use for software purchases. Great product, poor download and update implementation.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. You are very fast :) For that reason, we give you our new version - free (already sent to your email). Immediately after the release of new versions, we just do not have time to refresh the page. Now is possible to update your versions on the site.

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