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byWebJIVE, May 10, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin

This is the first admin addon I have seen that really helps the user with tasks. Please keep improving it!
byWebJIVE, May 4, 2012
Great job! This pluing makes setting up new sites SO much easier and for clients to maintain sites and menus. T

he upside of systems like WordPress is they have a nice unified backend but, they don't have the massive arsenal of addons like we do here at the JED!! This plugin helps close that gap.

Another reason why we only roll with Joomla.
byWebJIVE, April 14, 2012
JomLand Ticket Center
After purchasing and installing this component for a client site, I can honestly say that I probably won't use it again.

To start, when tickets are ordered, there is no setting to have the system administrator receive a copy of the ticket order.

Once tickets are purchased, you can not export the purchases to a CSV, just in case you need to pull it into Excel or something else.

Also, when adding an event, there is a broken field on the current version with no label as to what it does. When you re-edit an event, be careful not to input more seats. There's not many instructions on how to use this area of the component.

The list goes on.. In hindsight, we should have purchased another product.
Owner's reply

I'm always wonder why people are complaining about features that DOESN'T, when the extension DOESN'T HAVE THIS FEATURE AT ALL.
-- the component doesn't have export to excel at the moment, so why to complain about it? You can send a mail and to add it as a request and maybe it would be added in future versions.

Every order is store at administrator side, we would add ability to send a mail.

IF you can, Pleased send a mail and I would do my best to assist and help with anything.

I purchased TorTags the other day and now I see there is an upgrade. Unfortunately, from what I can see, there is NO way to download an upgrade of the product from the developers site or Avangate which they chose to use for software purchases. Great product, poor download and update implementation.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. You are very fast :) For that reason, we give you our new version - free (already sent to your email). Immediately after the release of new versions, we just do not have time to refresh the page. Now is possible to update your versions on the site.

byWebJIVE, August 20, 2011
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Zoo Links for Advanced Link
I would have rated this a 5 star but, after purchasing, the downloaded ZIP file confused me so, I'll explain how to REALLY install this ZOO addon for JCE.

After purchasing, you'll download a ZIP file called Don't try and install that into JCE, it won't work. You need to unzip this file. My suggestion to the dev was to simply rename it to which makes more sense.

Once unzipped, you will have 2 ZIP files. They are jce_advlink_zoo_0.6_j15, and jce_advlink_zoo_0.7_j16. Now, most people who have been around Joomla for a while would assume the _j16 would be for Joomla 1.6; nope!

The is actually for JCE 1.5 installs and is for JCE 2.x installs (regardless of Joomla version).

I suggested renaming them to and which makes more sense. I would have never had to visit the forums for help if they were named something like this.

To the dev, good job and GREAT pricing but, please rename your ZIP files.
css2switch Basic
We followed all the directions for installing and configuring this component/plugin combo and could not get it to work period. The bigger challenge is there's little to no documentation on the product if you run into these challenges. We wanted to test this product via the Basic version before committing to the paid version. Glad we did.
Owner's reply

Sorry that you didn't understand the simplicity of this component. Install with one click. Just put your additional css-files into yours template/css directory. Don't forget to give them filename the prefix template_.
Then go to the components backend and assign the css-files to the menuitems you like.
That's all, easy goin'. You need no luck, but a little bit intelligence.

More then 10.000 Joomla! Websites works with css2switch without any problems. If the component is to strong, you are to weak. Tell the community your problem in a usefull way, or post your problem at our first aid support forum. People like you does'nt think about how much work and sweat developers like us puts into their work.

Thanks and "good luck" to you,
John | mediahof, Germany

byWebJIVE, January 3, 2011
Add user Frontend
We needed a component like this last year for a training site where managers could add students without having backend access. Bravo and thanks!
byWebJIVE, December 13, 2010
We have been testing NinjaBoard since the early days and it's shaping up nicely indeed. If your looking for an entry level, simple to use forum, you can go wrong with this one. If your looking for something a bit more serious but don't want to run a bridge to a forum like phpBB, then use Agora.

If NinjaBoard can add an image gallery tied to the post preview process, then I think they would move ahead of Kunena at that point. Right now, you have simple text and linking abilities.

Keep up the great work Ninja!
byWebJIVE, November 14, 2010
I have been waiting a couple of years for group permissions and now they are here in JDownloads 1.8.

KUDOS to the devs and thank you!
byWebJIVE, October 28, 2010
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JCK Editor
We purchased a subscription to test the editor out to compare it with JCE. We really like the clean interface and speed of JCK Editor and the direction it's headed.

Great editor with a full development team behind it with a good set of plugins.

Good plugin architecture for easily creating plugins.

There's no layout editor for moving/removing buttons or a group personality editor like JCE (major problem for us).

Still lacking some direct plugins for other popular components.

Not as configurable as JCE.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your fair analyst. Our ‘component’ presently does lack some configurable options but all this will change because our editor is built upon a plug-n-play state-of-the-art JavaScript API engine. In fact everything you see is an app and therefore it can be configured and modified in any direction. When you look at what’s under the hood you will notice that JCE is like driving an old scooter while ours is fitted with a Twin-Turbo V8 Ferrari Enzo Engine.

byWebJIVE, September 2, 2010
KA Social Sharing
I just purchased this plugin to day and right out of the box, it didn't work correctly. After jumping on the developers forums, they quickly replied to the post and within an hour, they sent me a new version that fixed the problem!

That the same support level we provide our clients so, outstanding. I would recommend purchasing this plugin to anyone.
byWebJIVE, July 22, 2010
This is by far the easiest product to use out of the box and the easiest to customize. Thank you for this great addon!

This will help modularize our older client sites for the mobile market with WAY less effort than some of the other tools in the JED.
byWebJIVE, March 26, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
I would highly recommend that anyone needing advanced module control use this product. I would also ask that you support the developer by purchasing a license (even though it's not required) to help with development and support.
byWebJIVE, February 17, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
We couldn't be more please with ACYMailing. This is a GREAT newsletter component if your looking for one. It's worth the money.

We're now recommending this software to all our clients who have newsletter capability. The integration features and configuration options are outstanding.
byWebJIVE, February 14, 2010
OSE Membership™
I have two subscriptions with OSE and they have awsome support and the products work as advertised. The one BIG thing missing with this component for me is the payment gateway. Right now, the only viable choice is Paypaly which is expensive compared to real merchant accounts.

If more payment gateways were added, this would be a rock star.
byWebJIVE, February 8, 2010
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
Excellent job on this. We just installed it for a customer and they love it. Now, if we could just get this as a JCE plugin, WOW!
byWebJIVE, December 23, 2009
I have one template that I have been struggling to get a plugin gallery to work on. I installed it and it worked perfect without any hassles!
byWebJIVE, October 23, 2009
WEBO Site SpeedUp
The one thing I'm always trying to do is optimize site speed to help with Google SEO rankings. I decided to look into this optimizer to see if it would help. What I found out is this plugin links to the Web Optimizer website and you need to buy a minimal plan for $99 for this to not work in demo mode.
Owner's reply

Link is optional (you can remove it w/o any damage). And free features acceleration is more than other free plugins provide.

byWebJIVE, September 30, 2009
Finally, a recognized Joomla developer has picked this great product Docman, and breathed new life in it. We use this on several projects and look forward to the continued development of this awesome piece of software. We're purchasers of Artio JomSef3 and the support has been great.
byWebJIVE, August 16, 2009
Article Module
I have been looking for a module which allows users to edit the HTML/WYSIWYG in the frontend for a long time. This allows users edit the content from the frontend because a lot of them get lost and confused when having to use the backend to do this.

Thanks for this module!
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