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byWebJIVE, August 7, 2009
Profile Completeness for CB
I just installed this on a client site and it did exactly what I was hoping. Worked out of the box. Thank you to the developer of this module.
byWebJIVE, February 28, 2009
I purchased Joomsocial Pro back when it was first released to see if it would work for a company intranet site I was building. I haven't used it yet because I'm waiting on the right project to come along before committing the license since it's tied to a single server.

While this component has great potential, it still lacks greatly when it comes to plugins and community support compared to Community Builder.

For the Intranet project we were hidred to build, we used CB because JommSocial Pro hadn't been battle tested in a corporate environment and LDAP support is sketchy at best. That didn't worry me as much as not having the Lists feature that CB has. Without lists, there is no way to create the equivalent of a company directory like we have done with CB without adding significant costs to the project.

Right now we see CB as the product of choice for internal company sites with heavy requirements and JSP for light weight social sites.


I am confident this outlook (hopeful) will change over the next year and look forward to all products maturing. The cool thing about this space in Joomla is that competition is heating up!

We now have CB, Joomsocial, Joomunity and Jcommunity.. wow..

Let the best product(s) win!
byWebJIVE, February 6, 2009
AJAX toggler
This should be part of the Joomla core! This save a lot of page refreshing when working in the backend.
I have gone through a lot of galleries on Joomla looking for the right one. I tried to like Phoca but could never figure fully figure out the process for creating user uploads areas.

With Joomgallery, it was a breeze and now it even has Piclens support!

Keep up the great work!
byWebJIVE, September 5, 2008
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I just purchased this component and the first time my customer tried to use it, they couldn't. The reason is this product communicates with the IONO licensing server (which I suspected) and if the authors site is down (which it is right now), your gallery is offline.

Until this licensing server tie-in is removed, this product has a lot of risks for production servers. I know this author is fearful his software is going to be compromised but, putting legitimate customers site at risk of not working is a poor business decision. I would look at another solution if this is unacceptable to you.

I will have to start looking for another solution again and that's too bad since this plugin integrates so well with CB and has some good modules. Another upside to this product is the uploader, which is first class! I will also check on refunds.

What led me to figure this out is my customers site started getting the dreaded IE7 Cannot open site XXX errors. When I went into the component in the admin, I thought it was a corrupted key.php error so I deleted the key.php from the server as the instructions on the site says to do.

"Everytime you update your license key, or update your domain/IP, you may have to delete the key.php file to continue. key.php located in /components/com_simgallery/"

This is what I did and not I get the error:
SIMGallery License Error: Unable to communicate with iono (i.e. I verified this by digging into the server logs.

As of this writing, the authors server is still offline and so is my customers gallery.
Owner's reply

This happened because my host was under ddos attack and was down for 16 hours. This is also the first time and only time such an unfortunate incident happened, and I am currently looking at other hosting options.

Do note that the license checking process is done only once every 10 days, so there is actually little chance of it occurring.

I am disappointed that you hadn't tried to contact me directly, instead of opting to write in a review for a problem that wasn't my fault. In any case, such incidents are pretty rare, and the host has already looked into the matter.

byWebJIVE, May 21, 2008
Use this along with sh404Sef and you have full control over your site and page titles. I was having a real struggle with sh404sef (still in beta) and this plugin helped resurrect my site title which had disappeared which was killing my google ranking.
byWebJIVE, March 24, 2008
DT Register
I used this product to easily setup a golf registration site and it was a breeze to use. The author is quick to respond to questions and make suggestions.
byWebJIVE, January 15, 2008
Thank you for sharing this most needed component...
byWebJIVE, August 25, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
This is another one of those "should be included" in Joomla products. Thanks guys!
byWebJIVE, July 5, 2006
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Mosets Tree
I used this component for the backbone of The great thing about this component is that all the code is accessible!!! Without that, I couldn't have built my site with it. The downside (every product has one) is that assigning multiple categories is not very intuitive and slow. Other than that, this product fits the bill for a LOT of different models.
byWebJIVE, April 23, 2006
XCloner-Backup and Restore
Just what we have been looking for. A way to replicate J! installs for new customer installations.
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