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byWebTrooper, January 18, 2014
There are some great extensions here at JED, and something to fit almost every need.... almost! There are times when I can't find a Joomla extension that quite fits my need, and that's when I turn to other sources, such as stand alone scripts. Thanks to HeadTag, I can incorporate code, seamlessly, which was never meant to be used as a Joomla extension. I don't know what I would do without HeadTag. Thanks Richey!
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I've run into the same roadblocks - functionality that's missing - the perfect script that isn't a joomla extension - a necessary file or replacement style for one page.... It can be frustrating to find a way to incorporate these elements in ways that they weren't intended.

Fortunately, I consider programming to be the plaything of my adulthood. When I don't have the toy I want to play with - I make it.

I'm glad to hear this extension is helping you achieve your goals. It may be an abstract concept - but great reviews like this help me to achieve mine!

byWebTrooper, January 3, 2014
Form2Content LITE
I tried other CCKs including K2, Zoo, ContentBuilder and YooRecipe (it's for my cooking website), and I purchased the paid versions where applicable. I also bought the paid version of Form2Content because it has features I need for my project.

The other CCKs are good to okay, but do not offer the flexibility I need. I wish I would have tried F2C first because it turns out to be absolutely perfect for just about any content related project I can imagine.

Their integration of the Smarty template engine is nothing short of genius, allowing me to lay the content out exactly the way I want - not only in the browser but also in the generated HTML (think And since F2C creates native Joomla! articles, I can use any content plugins I care to without regard to compatability issues.

I can't say much about support because, so far, I have not needed any. With their extensive and well written documentation, and the occasional search in their forums, I was able to figure everything out without asking for help. But from what I see in other reviews and within their forums, I feel confident support will be there if I ever need it.

My only regret is that I dumped money into paid versions of other CCKs, to the tune of several hundred dollars, before discovering Form2Content. If you're looking for the most flexible and most powerful CCK, you want F2C. Read the documentation, take the time to learn it... you will not be disappointed.
I have been using the other Joomla community extensions for years, with mixed emotions - they're far from perfect but they're the only game in town. Easy Social has changed all that. The Stack Ideas team has taken what Joomla users have been asking for, and rolled it all together to make the best Joomla Community extension available. Now I see other extension providers scrambling to integrate, and rightly they should. Pretty soon I will be looking at integration with Easy Social as one of my highest priorities when deciding what extensions to use. Thanks, Stack Ideas!
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Thank you for the kind compliments and for the support all these years!

byWebTrooper, October 27, 2013
What attracted me most is the MailChimp integration and allowing IP address override. As with any new extension, there were a couple very minor bugs. The developer was very quick to get them fixed. There are some features I feel could improve JComingSoon... responsive design would be fantastic, and I would like to see more than three social network links. But I'm not one to gripe about things which were never promised. JComingSoon works great and provides an attractive, functional Coming Soon page for my upcoming website. I give it 5 stars.
byWebTrooper, February 2, 2013
It appears that others have already said it very well, so I'll just say "Ditto" what they said. Add to that, with some SLIGHT MODIFICATIONS I am now using this versatile extension as a forum, and it works great. With Community Builder integration, member profiles and images (avatars) are consistent across the site. Support is second to none, with timely and attentive responses to all my questions - not that I had very many questions, as almost everything is very intuitive and easy to figure out. EasyDiscuss is very well designed, easy to use and well documented. The developers take a lot of pride in providing and excellent product with top notch support, and it shows. Thanks, Stack Ideas!
byWebTrooper, September 2, 2012
Integration with JomSocial is not complete.. uploading a photo directly to activity stream is broken. Upload a photo, click on the resulting thumbnail, and it takes me to an album. And no, the photo is not in the album. This is a pretty serious bug and it needs fixed.

Support is unresponsive. I submitted a support ticket Thursday evening, made sure the correct domain is registered with the license, as required, and even provided a login for SimBunch. It is now Saturday evening and I have yet to get a response.

I wouldn't mind so much if they at least showed some willingness to work with me. If they can't fix it, maybe help me find a work-around. But to just leave me hanging is not acceptable. I now have a choice - find my own way to work around this issue or let almost $100 go down the drain. A simple reply could have avoided this review.
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We regret the inconvenience caused. However, please note that we are committed to respond to support tickets within 2 working days, as stated on our Support page. Also, do note that as our time zone is +8 GMT, we received your ticket in the middle of Friday, not Thursday. Since we do not work on weekends (everyone has families to attend to), there was nobody to respond to your ticket.

That said, we've had actually cleared all outstanding tickets a few hours ago (on a Sunday, no less). Your ticket should have received a response already.