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byWebguy101au, April 24, 2013
JO Content Scrollpane
I had a client who wanted a fixed height website, but wanted the content in the pages to still scroll. I came across this while I was looking for something else, and bookmarked it to come back to.

I had a few questions before I purchased it to make sure it would do everything I wanted, more to do with styling, and the dev was quick to reply.

I purchased the plugin, installed it, styled it, and it just does what it is intended to do! No fuss, and very style-able which was perfect for this project.

Have bookmarked the devs site and will be paying more attention to his other offerings!
byWebguy101au, February 6, 2013
Until recently, I was using another connector between sites and mailchimp, that seems to have stopped working recently and emails to the devs have fallen on deaf ears.

I cam across this one this morning and WOW! So much better, it is the best connector between your site and Mailchimp.

Super job guys!
byWebguy101au, October 31, 2012
Working on a conversion site from an old CMS to Joomla, I needed a solution that would import the old users, plus, set them up with correct subscriptions within Akeeba Subscriptions.

A quick pre-sales email to Roland and he said he would be happy to add the features that I needed, but it might take a few weeks. All good, I can wait, it was ready the next day!!

A session with Roland in Skype and any minor issues were sorted and now I can easily import over 2000 users with active subscriptions, saving me who knows how much time in the process.

Roland is one of the true professionals of the extension community and if you are looking for a solution, then you have found it and more!!

Awesome stuff!
byWebguy101au, October 15, 2012
Random Article
I desperately needed a random article module to seed a position on a home page, this looked like it would fit the bill. When I tried it, it did not work as expected, Artur worked with me to get this working as I required, and it turned out to just be a configuration error.

If you need to display random content, with a small footprint, then this is your mod!

Artur is quick to respond to queries and I thank him for helping me get my issues sorted so quickly.
byWebguy101au, October 8, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
I used this a long time ago for a site, just to do what I needed to, and never really dug around under the hood. In the last few days I needed a system that supported forms / paging, external form processing and more, and this form system just keeps on impressing!

An amazing amount of power for so little money, and it comes in two flavours.

Douglas is always available for quick support that I cannot fault!

Highly recommended.
byWebguy101au, July 4, 2012
Zh GoogleMap
I have used a number of Google Map systems for Joomla and none of them really had all the features in the one system that you could want, until I found this one.

Quite possibly the largest feature set available and is constantly updated. Best of all, it is free!

Look no further, you have found the best mapping system for Joomla!!
byWebguy101au, November 28, 2011
Ajax Contact
I've tried a growing number of contact type mods, with a recent re-design of my site I really was looking for an Ajax driven form to stop page loads.

This one read quite well with it's feature list and I was NOT disappointed in what it could do.

A few issues popped up and Douglas was just brilliant in solving the issues I was having, making this an even better mod.

I'll be using this in all the sites that I do from now on rather than any free mods, it's just that good!!
byWebguy101au, July 5, 2011
Art Feature Carousel
I was looking for a carousel that was easy to use and this one fitted the bill nicely. It was easy to configure in the back end as well as make it look how I wanted via the CSS.

When I had some issues with links, the help was quick and professional.

Highly recommended.