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byWebhosting, August 10, 2013
I'm trying to use extro for longer and never was satisfied. It's not easy to create forms and it's also not useful for any forms like they promised.
I wanted to create a order form and calculate the price and send to paypal. It's not possible.

I'm a very calm person and I gave this component enough time to develop, because they promised to make it better.

It seems they are not interested to improve the product and I have to look for something else. Sad.
Owner's reply

First - Thank you for awarding 5 stars.
However, you have confused some reviews, this one doesn't match the vote.
Don't worry, we already accepted your apology.

Anyway, we wanted to write some comments to your review, though it's completely mixed up:

- If you know how to create and edit a default joomla article, then you also can create a form incl. form elements in eXtroForms, which has been confirmed by our customers to be so.

- During development, we focused on keeping the form creation process as easy as possible, following the default joomla standards for components (mainly developed for Joomla 1.5), which has also been confirmed by our customers that we succeeded in doing so.

- We never said that calculating fields and a paypal interface are implemented in eXtroForms, and we don't think that lack of these features make eXtroForms 'not useful'.

- We constantly improve eXtroForms and release new versions when needed. Alone in the last month we updated eXtroForms several times.

So don't worry about your failed review, as already said, we accepted your apology!