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I had implemented the earlier version of JForce for mobile quoting and customer management for one of my web customers 3 years ago and also implemented it in my own websites with a new business venture.

The earlier versions were a little more challenging as you needed to understand CRM and Project Management processes to configure them properly. But David was always available to help.

Not so anymore! I just upgraded overnight to the latest version (with a little help from David again) and we have it working and ready for my customers to share this morning! Its brilliant out of the box! With many of the settings already in the sample data. I love the new version. Well done JForce and David!

I still use the old version of JForce with the CRM tool to manage over 1,000 customers from my website business and I sell services across the world managing a growth rate of 30% every quarter in this tough economic environment since I started. I couldn't manage this growth without JForce. I have genuinely turned over $12M in my website business last year with a virtual business using a website. JForce allowed me to provide superior customer service using their CRM and Project Management tools and I just won a $7M account by including JForce Project Management in my service bundle to my clients.

This is the best $250 I ever spent! David is also available to provide a smooth implementation, customisations and he can also offer training for my valuable customers - another great value add I have over my competitors.

David's service and responsiveness is just as consistently great as it was 3 years ago.

Well done David! Any business not using this well thought out, cost effective, browser based solution isn't serious about managing their customers and workload.

A comparable system would cost many thousands of dollars with lots of customisations required and weeks to months to implement.

David knows my websites and can confirm how successful they are.

Thank you David. I am looking forward to continuing to work together with you. My customers love JForce. Anmy yours will too.

Unlock the power of Jforce with your customers.

I will be a customer for many years to come.

Thank you JForce and especially David.

Di Lyons