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byWebsperations, September 17, 2014
Community Surveys
I recently purchased this extension for a Town Council website I launched a few months ago. In the need to have a more economical way to have surveys without paying monthly for a 3'd party service.

After installation and setting up our first Photo Competition, we discovered a shortcoming with the software; the images in the image form field were too small and didn’t have lightbox functionality. I contacted support through the forums and 24 hours later I was emailed an updated file containing this functionality. I am assuming it’s going to be part of the next release since they got me the files so quickly. Either way, we got what we needed, prompt support and a resolution.

I did have a minor CSS problem with the lightbox and IE and a template conflict. Again, support promptly addressed the problem and provided the needed resolution.

I spent a couple hours of tweaking the CSS and the /helpers/formfields.php to get things looking perfect in our website. My client is happy and I am happy.

This developer earned this review based upon the prompt support, accurate answers, and resolution to my concerns.
I stumbled upon this plugin recently while trying to create a custom search process for a client.

We needed to import several fields of data and have it searchable through the built in Joomla search engine.

After searching for something that would work and coming up short, I came across Fabrik.

I am not one to read instructions until I have installed the system and tried to make it work. Within 20 minutes I had this custom search working.

I did need support to get things perfect and ended purchasing 30 days of premium support.

All my posts to the forum were answered promptly and accurately. After a few core coding modifications, my search function is working exactly how we want it.

The one gripe I have is that communications sent via email in response to the order receipt and the contact us form on their website were not promptly responded to. Stick with messaging in the forums and this is where they shined.
byWebsperations, October 28, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
I have used them slider on a multitude of sites with commercial templates that came with it.

On my most recent project, we purchased a theme and the slider. When activated it would not play on the front end, it did play in the control panel. I suspected a jquery conflict as did the developer. They provided prompt support in distinguishing the conflict.

It was a Constant Contact signup plugin. Once disabled, the slider worked on the front end.

This slider rocks and so does the support!!
byWebsperations, November 8, 2012
I downloaded this extension 8 minutes ago. It's installed, configured, and already working the way I want it to.

I wish every extension was installed and complete in under 10 minutes.

byWebsperations, July 25, 2012
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JobGrok Premium
I wanted to thank Bob for the great pre-sales support that you provided. From our communications I determined that the Job Grok Premium Component looked like a great match for our needs. I went ahead and purchased the license and installed the software.

Once installed it was super easy to figure out. I setup the whole thing without reading the documentation. The system has a lot of flexibility to control pre-populated lists, label overrides, email notification, and likely anything else you would need for a solid jobs posting and application system.

My client has reviewed the system that I installed for them and their response was "It looks easy and straight forward for the end use and the administrator, thanks!"

I couldn't be happier with the software and how Bob has managed the pre-sales and post-sales support.
byWebsperations, September 30, 2011
Ignite Gallery
I have used many galleries over the years and this time around we gave Ignite Gallery a shot.

I had a problems which turned out to be a simple setting in the Ignite Gallery Parameters. I sent an email to support and they got back to me promptly.

I was well taken care of was left feeling appreciated for being a paying customer and was treated as such.

I will definitely use this gallery again on future projects.


byWebsperations, September 28, 2011
I am running Joomla 1.5.23 w/ SOBI2 and a couple YT Modules on my homepage.

I spent 5 hours trying to stop these modules from showing up on search, alpha index, login and various other pages. In my search I found MetMod on the SigSiu website and this looked like my answer however I am not a programmer and this looked rather daunting.

I contacted Stephen via email, he was very responsive and helpful. We installed the mod and low and behold it fixed the problem without any extra coding.

All I can say is wow, thanks for the awesome help and for fixing this bug for us.