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JEXTN Testimonial
This extensions works and installs fine but you are stuck with a lot of the presentation elements unless you want to change the javascript.

This would have been a great review except for the fact that the fonts are hard coded into the javascript making customising the presentation to fit your website almost as much of a pain as writing the extension would have been in the first place. There is no excuse for this developer laziness given the ease of using CSS properly.
byWhippy, October 3, 2011
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Nice job - installed perfectly in 1.7 and does exactly what I needed.
byWhippy, July 28, 2011
This is set to soon be the best joomla event package available with great flexibility and presentation options.

Its young and the updates are coming thick and fast but the support is first rate with all of the minor issues I had being effectively addressed within 24 hours.

I'm pretty sure that in the next update or so, my review will go from good to excellent as minor missing features such as date formatting are added by the responsive and very productive guys at ohanah.

I love the event map!
Easy install and indispensable for debugging behavioral issues that the usual debugging tools are too cumbersome for. Very handy!