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byWiZaxx, December 2, 2013
My Maps location
I have to admit that after having installed many extensions I was taking this one lightly .... perhaps; fact is that setting this extension is not as straight forward as I imagined.
Once set up properly it works wanders.
The support is good and you will get all the help you need to have your extension running.
Highly recommended!!
byWiZaxx, August 28, 2013
YRNO2 Long Term Weather Forecast
I was very undecided on the rating and I have to admit that based on the potential of this extension, my rating is rather harsh, however...
The many flaws make the extension unusable as it returns false information that are misleading to a site visitor and that's not acceptable. Furthermore, contacting the developer resulted in no reply so I assume the project was cancelled at some point without a note.
But I want to close with a note on the potential of this: is a very slick presentation of weather forecast that needs some work to make it actually show the weather forecast (not just random data as it does it now).
Owner's reply


The 'random data' is the weather information provided from based on the coordinates of your location. If the information provided is wrong then it is a problem with or the coordinates of the location as provided by Google's mapping api.

There is no support implied or offered for my free extensions.

byWiZaxx, July 30, 2011
Easy Folder Listing
Sorry to be the first one to hammer on this, but it really did not worked at all.
even worst after uninstalling it, my Article editor is not working any longer.
I have installed and uninstalled various components/plugins/modules, but this is just a a total mess.

Be warned!
Owner's reply

Dear Reviewer,

Thanks for taking the time to post a review on JED. I was surprised to read it, as I have never received any prior support request regarding your problem. As a matter of fact, I am not too sure what your problem is exactly. However, I invite you to provide a more complete description of your problem at my support site. You are welcome to visit my support site, which I check daily, to find assistance:

Spider Menu
The menu is really beautiful and I would have given a 5 star review if only I could use it!
I noticed that it changes the whole site text alignment and asked for support. In deed I got what appeared to be a template email in response asking for the superuser credentials; when I asked for an alternative solution, the support simply disappeared: no replies, no comments.
So to ME this is a no-star product, although I still believe it is beautiful.
Owner's reply

We ask for Give demo site access so our team look in it and solve your problem but this guy not support us anyway and just need solution in Air that's not possible , anyone able to see our another all feedback and another Extensions feedback for our support team that's it don't need to say more.

Rentalot Plus
I admit that I'm code-challenged and before purchasing I red the whole manual and contacted the developers. Made a few inquiries and only then I decided to buy even thou not all answered were favorable; but this way I got an understanding of who I'm dealing with and I'm happy to report that:

The support was first class even BEFORE I purchased the extension.
As it is not doing exactly what I wanted, they even offer an immediate refund (no I rather stay with them and wait for the next release)
The extension is really simple to understand, install and configure.

but as I'm a perfectionist, I have to say that it lacks a little in the GUY. Please note that I'm not talking about the usability! No, no ... that's excellent, I'm talking about the graphics.

In Summary:
RentalotPLUS does what it say;usage is very simple; the documentation is CLEAR and COMPLETE; the support is stellar; and I'm happy with it.
Owner's reply

Thanks! The graphics we include with the product are really samples to give you ideas and help you get up and running quickly. We expect that you will want to find your own graphics to suit your template and site theme. Having said that, a lot of people do seem to use the free graphics that we include.