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byWizardofWeb, August 26, 2013
I have been trying to find a good affiliate extension for my website. I purchased another product and it looked great. Bells and whistles but couldn't hold up. Thought I was going to have to find my own team and pay big bucks for a product that worked. Saw Wiz Affiliates and figured why not give it one more try. They surprised me. Didn't expect the customer service to be great. Not used to that level of service and integrity in dealing with purchasing software online. These guys went above and beyond the level of service I expected to receive. The product itself integrates well with my website and tracks activity most pleasingly. Even had a problem with ordering the service and before I could complain they sent me the product in my email and answered all of my questions to pure satisfaction. The software even updated just fiend without problem when I upgraded my Joomla version, which I was honestly afraid of complications. So what can I say bad about these guys? Nothing. Customer Service is fantastic and I got my answers almost immediately and they worked with me until completely resolved and I didn't even purchase their plan for customer service. I can say that these guys offer a level of professionalism you rarely find on the net and I highly recommend their services. I hate to do this but I have to give a bad review to another company I got similar software from that was the opposite of these guys. All I can say is I am very pleased with this company so far. :)