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byWonaco, March 30, 2011
If I could, I would marry this module in a blink. Mostly because it's free...
byWonaco, March 10, 2011
ARI Flip Book
I bought this. Installed it, and couldn't make it work. I went to APISofts forum and asked. Promptly I got a response. The error was solved in no time and the error was entirely on my behalf.

It is one of the very best buys I have made through the Joomla Extension Directory. Awesome support, and awesome(and working) apps.

My only regret is that I don't have more than two thumbs on my hands to put up for these guys.
byWonaco, March 10, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
This particular piece of software just works. The people at APISoft really know what they are doing.

Professionalism to the bone. Keep it up guys!
byWonaco, February 23, 2011
I'm sorry to say this, but this is an awesome piece of software. The kind I wouldn't mind paying for. Good work!
byWonaco, February 17, 2011
Awesome is too weak a word to describe this software. The install is painless and it is lovely user friendly. I'm surprised that this is not a commercial version, but I am also happy it is not. This is a pearl to store securely on my backup harddrive.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your comments. Glad you like Rquotes

byWonaco, September 18, 2010
If I could marry a piece of software, this would be the one!!!