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Wonder Dog

byWonder Dog, April 13, 2011
Admin Tools
As my last review (which took along time to write) never showed up I will make this short and sweet.

Admin Tools is really useful, installs in seconds and makes general administration much easier.

One of the most usefull aspects of this component (for me anyways), is the ability to set file permissions for files and folders, then have it restore permissions for all.

I had to make a hack to the CHMOD values for this as it was missing the option to set things at values of CHMOD 705 and 604, which are the preferred permissions on shared hosting to prevent cross site injections.

All in all I think most of the tools in Admin Tools should be built in to Joomla 1.6 as standard, this is one of those components you'll find yourself useing in all your installs, if only they made joomla a multisite engine!.