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byWoodyF4u, January 7, 2014
Very powerfull extension. Easy to install
I use bgMax for a few sites and it is very powerfull. It can scale the backgroundimage to every browser.
Today, I have asked the developer to change the site, so download the module in every language should be possible.
He fixed it in a couple of hours. So if you use the language selector at that site, you can download without an errormessage.
Thanks fot that quick support!
byWoodyF4u, August 6, 2013
This module is the first extension I found, that has the parameters for an exact loaction.
That's possible by coordinates or a real city-name.
It would be fine if the Wunderground-logo could be switched of or placed below the weatherinfo.
The module can autoselect the site-language, so the visitor can view the weatherinfo for his own langauge.
Thanks Paul. Great job.
ARI Ext Menu
I've installed this module. It was easy to configure. But at my site I saw problems with my css-files.
My css-knowledge was not enough to fix the problems.
So I asked for it at the forum of the developer. And the answer was there in an our! Thats realy quick.
I promised the developer for a review here. So here it is!
byWoodyF4u, March 7, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
Since a couple of years I use this plugin. It is very easy to install and easy to configure. A lot of documentation is available at the website of the developer. last week i coudn't found a way to change the background of the info-popup.
Mike send me almost the same time the link to the documentation-page.
So, this is the moment to tell the Joomla-world, this plugin and the support is very good!