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ARTIO Booking
- free version

- appealing gui

- expected functionality / without payment stuff (in my case: for day based booking of vacation home)

- the source code is reasonably structured and with a certain amount of programming skills many of the below mentioned issues can be fixed easily (e.g. improving message texts, removing unnecessary buttons/links, etc)

- portability issues (e.g. does not properly work when hosted on WinXP)

- functional bugs (overlapping booking is not detected; non-bookable days are not consistently displayed in certain calendar views: one view does handle it correctly the next one does not; depending on the dialog flow certain pages are displayed incorrectly - e.g. when returning from a successful booking; a customer can send an empty reservation - i.e. system allows to remove all booking items and still send the reservation, etc..)

- usability glitches: status messages displayed to user/customer are poor / much too technical; over-designed reservation forms unnecessarily confuse the user: extra buttons to cover some 5% special case (multi-reservation) are difficult to understand for 95% of the users who just want to make a reservation for one thing); modal-dialogs contain links which allow to completely mess up the reservation flow, etc..

- user support seems to be non existant for this free version (which raises the question if the commercial product has less bugs or better support...)

Summary: Recommended for programmers who can deal with the existing issues themselves.. for all the others this would likely be a frustrating experience.