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byXBumble, January 11, 2013
Unite Nivo Slider
Easy to intsall and configure but Safari on Windows just can't handle it. The browser displays the slides all stretched on top of each other before the slider effects kick in.
byXBumble, April 7, 2010
Social Media Icon Links
This module installs easily and hassle free. It's easy to add the URL's of your social sites in the modules back-end.
The graphics shown once the module is live are very nice and you can choose a range of sizes.
Where I feel this module lets itself down is in the absence of a Title for each icon.
When you hover over each icon, you expect to see a title for what it is, nothing appears when you do this with this module.
Whilst many people will be able to recognize a Facebook or MySpace logo, many of the other icons and social sites on offer will not be familiar and thus without a title added to each one, this module starts to fall over.
Mind you, this is a very simple fix so I'm sure this will be added soon enough.
Owner's reply

You made a good point. We have updated the module to include image titles now. Please download and install the updated version. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feature requests. Our support team will be happy to assist.


byXBumble, September 18, 2009
This forum is based on the old Fireboard engine and despite a new look, the old ugly buttons still remain.

It works well in terms of posting and offers what you would expect from a basic forum.

However, I have some pretty annoying error which I assume to be bugs that keep popping up in my log files.

On top of that, some of my users are unable to view their profile page (the forum is integrated with CB).

This in itself is frustrating as I have live users, most of which can view their profile, but some that cannot (this is using the Kunena Profile tab on the top of the forum).

Despite numerous requests on the forum over at least 1 week, I have only received one vague and fairly unhelpful response from a developer.

I offered my services up to help develop the site and heard nothing back. Not good for building relationships and the 'community' they claim they want.

My advice would be to look elsewhere for a solution based on the poor response and feedback you get from the Kunena team.

If you don't, frustration awaits - as well as angry users.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. The process of Community Builder integration has been markedly improving with each new release of both CB and Kunena. The two teams are working closely to increase integration for the future.

If you are really sincerely interested in contributing to Kunena, please feel free to post your interest in the development section of our forum.

Like most open source projects, the Kunena Team consists solely of volunteers and personalized support is limited, which is why we provide a support forum. Naturally, any PHP developer with a certain amount of experience should be able to assist you with any customization or specific support requests you might need on short notice.

byXBumble, July 2, 2009
As a hand-coder, Tiny-MCE has a bad, bad feature of stripping out all the line breaks of your code.

JCE has no such trouble and it's HTML editor is excellent -even down to line numbers.

Top work and Joomla would do well to take note of this and add it to their Tiny MCE.
byXBumble, June 20, 2008
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Be very wary of this software. It is very badly structured and thus if you are trying to style it up, it can literally take hours trying to find out where class tags are.

Imagine that you are holding the end of a piece of string. The rest of the string is on gigantic knot that fills the room. You then discover that there is more than one ball of string knotted into this bundle.

Now unravel it - welcome to Virtuemart.

The forums are littered with people asking questions that rarely get an answer.

I am a professional web designer/developer and even I gave up on it in the end.

If you want to know how an open source shopping cart should be done, go to This was recommended to me after I gave up on Virtuemart. It doesn't work inside Joomla, it is a standalone product but if you are looking to build a store I strongly advise you go to Zen. The code is elegantly and logically structured. The site is easy to mark-up with CSS and there is a search function so you can find where code is in any document.

Oh, and the developers of Zen don't put a message on their site saying code is more important than design so they may or may no get around to looking at design problems.