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byXTME, July 7, 2012
Why o why are you doing this?

"The file is uploaded to a protected folder and from there it is copied to a temporary cache folder?"

What logic is that?

I want to sell music albums of which some are 1 gigabyte each, is this plugin going to be copying those files around on my paid server?

In total I have 240 gigabytes of music albums - try copying those around on my server and my account will be suspended!

Weird logic, Weird idea - Forget it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for reminding me to update the description over here. :)

byXTME, July 3, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
Totally impossible to install this extension - I am using using Joomla 1.5, yes I downloaded the correct package, yes I know how to follow instructions, but each suggestion given in the accompanying PDF Guide only results in the following:

"Install Component Success"

Then when I go to the Akeeba component which is visible in the Joomla Components Menu I get...

"Incomplete installation detected

Akeeba Subscriptions can not load because an incomplete installation was detected. In order to fix this problem, please follow these steps:

Download Akeeba Subscriptions' installation ZIP package from our Downloads page.
Go to Extensions > Manage , click on "Browse...", find the ZIP file you downloaded and double click on it.
Click on "Upload & Install"

This will install all of the missing files while preserving your existing settings and subscriptions."

So, I am sent around in circles and it never installs, not even manually either.

So Akeeba looses a customer since I have to go elsewhere. This is your product Akeeba, not mine... it is for you to get working.

So I have marked this as "Very Poor" because that is what it is!
Owner's reply

This is caused by incorrect permissions of your site's libraries directories. So, no, it's not a problem on our end. It's a problem of your site configuration. Hint: when you install the component, the post-installation page reads "Framework on Framework: NOT INSTALLED" with "NOT INSTALLED" in bold, red letters. Don't shoot the developer when it's the webmaster who does not understand how to do his part. Just saying.