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byXase, March 20, 2011
This has cured a problem with Joomla that I have had for a very long time...

I've never understood why CMS/Portals don't allow you to configure the admin backend during install, including setting a different directory...

I grasp why... but still, there should be an easier way to do it then all the hacks mentioned in forums and whatnot... However this Extension went and secured access to it for me anyhow! =D

An extra layer of security can go a long way if used properly.

I am tempted to write an additional plugin even though I suck at code, that would rely on a cron job that would randomize the key for the day, and then e-mail all users in the Site Admin group the passkey.

Keep up the great work, I'd love to see what else you come up with.
Owner's reply

That is an interesting idea.... I will definitely put some thought into that. If I add it to AdminExile it will be optional, and the plugin will remain free.