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byYas_P, February 4, 2011
For us people who are just starting in the business of web developing with Joomla, it's important to have the back up of a good technical support when you buy an extension and or program

The Plug-in is a great plugin, very versatile and easy to use, quick to complete a form.

On the other hand, the technical support, forums and videos still need more work. my first experience was after trying the Free plugin, decided to buy the subscription, the documentation for the software removal does not coincide with the files installed by Joomla 1.5.x. Which results in a stressful and risky situation where a not so savvy Joomla user cannot figure out... I requested support and at first got responses, then when the time to deliver my website to my client came, I did not received one more email to address my issue in 4 days. I asked in so many ways to receive an answer, practically begged!. This has resulted in a huge waste of time/money and frustration, without including that my client did not received a finalized website on the promised date. The norm is that you get support no later than 24 hours, and my previous experience is that you usually have a live chat with someone even if they are on the other side of the world. Today at this time still have not receive an answer...

if you are a knowledgeable Joomla user, Get the subscription, if not may the power be with you.
Owner's reply


from the ticket history I can see that you used the wrong email address and we had to find out your real one to inform you about your mistake.

We always answered in a timely manner for your following tickets. Of course you'll will have a delay over weekends. But this still doesn't explain where you got the 4 days from?

Please check the tickets on our site, by entering your username/password + ticket id, and you'll see that we always responded quickly and were _very_ helpful to you:


There I cannot see any ticket from you that hasn't been unanswered for 4 days (!).

By the way, we also corrected plenty of bf unrelated issues on your host, would a "not so good support" do that? I don't think so ;)