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I had this module customized by Infyways, so I cannot give a review of the module most would download. However, I can say that what they did for me was spot on and they stand behind their stuff. I began playing around with Joomla just before the release of 1.5, so I have dealt with a good amount of extensions and their creators. I can only think of 2 that have ever come close to this level of professionalism. Buy the software and do not be concerned with being left in the dark if you have a problem. That will not happen.

Thanks Infyways!
byYeeP, October 26, 2012
Classifieds Redux
I spent a lot of time emailing with the developer before I even purchased. He was very kind and helpful in answering all of my questions. There are quite a few options in the setup, and the component is very capable. If someone were to give this a negative review based on its ability, it is likely they did not spend any time reading the documentation. The web forum on the developer's site always has a quick response on a question, and I have been happy with the component. If you are looking for a classified ads component, this should fit the bill.
byYeeP, September 26, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
I purchased the deluxe setup which includes the backup tool, so this review includes both. These are the first two extensions that go into every site I build.

If nothing you should get the product for the unbelievable support you get from Nicholas. In addition there is a knowledge base you can use to try and find the answer to a possible problem.

As far as the extension goes, it has some really cool options especially in the WAF.
Of course, I went over the top in my setup (that is what I do) on that and promptly locked myself out of the site. No problem, I went to the knowledge base and immediately new how to fix the situation.

The builder of htaccess files is awesome, link to Bad Behavior use(search for Bad Behavior extensions, they were pulled from this site a couple of years ago because of a code issue with core Joomla! This software is running just fine), Honeypot implementation and more. You can black or whitelist specific ip addresses, as well as lock out entire country ips. You can plan for what to do if there are security exceptions; ban them after a certain number of tries, email you when it happens, and so on. Go ahead and google this extension to see what you find. I would be hard pressed to find something negative about it.

Don't be stupid, just buy it. I just wish all commercial extension people stood behind their product like Nicholas does.
byYeeP, August 21, 2011
Testimonial Fader
If you need a testimonial extension, go no farther.

I had what I assumed to be a template issue which was blamed upon the module by the template maker. In my experience in the past, this would turn into a battle between the module and template designers blaming each other. 24 hours after entering a support ticket at infyways, they had modified the module and installed it for me on my site! Perfect module for my needs, A-1 company. I am in the process of looking at what else they have available because of the service I was given.
byYeeP, November 23, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
"Service" is a fairy tail with open source software at best. Not with this extension. I emailed Mike 3 or 4 times, each one of them he wrote back very promptly. I have spent days with other extensions and have questions that have yet to be answered on them. Now the extension itself, very cool and adds a lot to the specific page I installed it on. You can make as many kml files as you want using google maps, then link them with this software. Mike even goes as far as explaining how to change up the coding in Joomla, to modify this plugin into a module or component. In addition to this, he has written many "documents" on his website, all to help you get the most out of this as you can. If this looks like something that might help bring your page to the next level, you would be stupid not to get it.

Thanks, and good job Mike!