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byZaid101, December 20, 2009
Content Optimizer
This is a very good piece of work, it shaved off about 1-2 seconds of load time off my website, but it also added 2 seconds to my JCE editors article save timing...

I am using this with RokZip and both combined saves me about at most 6 seconds load time, but I think the author should make it work / make it more compatible with RokZip
byZaid101, November 9, 2009
This is a very good product, I have tested it many times on my recent sites, Phpbb3 and Joomla users are merged.. It has ABOVE Good Support. Very Good Support and a good Extension. But the reason I gave it 4 Starts and not 5 is because it too has few errors such as

when a user changes their email on the phpbb3 board the software isnt updated, thus it creates a error. Same goes to newly registered users.. hope it gets fixed in the next version.
byZaid101, July 17, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
Thank you at first for talking your time to make this nice extension, mainly this is a VERY Simple yet POWERFUL plugin for joomla, that after you install and enable. will let you to click on any image(re sized) to be viewed on 3 beautiful Lite box, Sandbox etc effects....

I just came back to submit the review, Great Module.. Thanks a lot mi8
byZaid101, July 12, 2009
Works just like it says.... Out of the box.. Just install and enable the plugin and I am set... It mainly allows the you to have a main Site name / title of every page before or after the content title.. Looks good and Professional..

byZaid101, July 11, 2009
Be Involved!
This is such a nice module, its suppose to show a banner on the top right side of your joomla website. Works right out of the box, just enable it and select your favorite community or what ever and your set....

Great Job guys... keep up the Great Work..
byZaid101, March 28, 2009
Phoca Gallery
After going through numerous other gallery’s I turned to Phoca, I didn’t expect much from it, as I was “just giving it a try”. For a non commercial extension gallery for Joomla, Phoca is excellent; it will satisfy just about everyone with all its rich features and not to mention the user friendly interface. Any one looking to build a nice family album, gallery should try this.

But there’s still few things, basic features Phoca is missing, Such as a kind of Extension / Module that shows “Latest Added,/ Highest Rated, /Or Viewed Photos”

– More like the other extension it has called Random images, but only to show latest images and not random images. 4.5 outta 5.